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Pillars of HVAX and the Architects of every Project we build.

As a team we have built some of the finest pharmaceutical plants in Asia and Africa. Our Strength here has been our committed team and our trusted partners. This has resulted in a positive word of mouth and formed a strong client base in multiple soils.

Managing Director

Prayagdatt Mishra |

Operations Director

Nirbhay Singh |

Projects Head

Jayesh Bhagwat |

Global Sales Head

Ram Santosh |

Head of Cleanrooms & Containment

Subodh Khamkar |

Head of Planning

Rinku Bhat |

Head of Accounting & Finance

Jitendra Natki |

Head of Logistics

Babasaheb Temgire |


We're Gentle in our sales method, so we don't push our people to push you. You won't find us trying to endlessly upsell you, or force upon you only the products that we manufacture. We work with a network of both affordable and world-class brands. The project coming to realization is more important than anything else and we work to bringing that dream to fruition. To understand how we can find the right mix, click below to schedule a call with you.

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