Building Management Systems


The progression of BMS systems is transforming facilities into smart, interactive, connected workplaces make businesses more efficient, productive and sustainable.

The environmental conditions have a strong impact on product quality in any pharmaceutical facility. Control and monitoring of storage and production environments has become an important issue within the Pharmaceutical Industry. The FDA, EMEA and other regulatory bodies require accurate measurement and storage of room parameters, this is where BMS (Building Management System) plays a major role.

We at HVAX design a system to adequately control and monitor these environmental conditions using BMS equipment's and appropriate control algorithms implemented at different levels. It enables a flexibility of the production process, as well as more consistent and controlled HVAC system operation and maintenance, while eliminating the need for paper records.

Importance of BMS System

The main task of the HVAX designed BMS system is to provide precise control over environment parameters and conditions in clean rooms by implementing control algorithms for temperature, humidity, and pressure.

The solution enables rich graphical visualization of processes, conditions, and sensor values in real-time. All key parameters, such as alarm boundaries, PID loops, and production parameters can be accessed through SCADA. Power-users have the option to define two-level alarm settings for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)2 and non-GMP parameters.

Efficient visualization, alarming, and fault diagnostics for all equipment and installations provides plant personnel with efficient support for monitoring in realtime, and maintenance support in case of unacceptable or dangerous situations. When properly integrated, they form to be a critical component that helps you manage and control your facility energy consumption.

Apart from the engineering systems, the usage and integration of BMS can also be extended to CCTVs, firefighting systems, lighting, elevators etc.

Building Management Systems
 Building Management Systems
Building Management Systems

BMS constitutes mainly of a software and hardware.

Software Features

Salient features of the software are to:

  • Monitor machines, run VB scripts and generate reports (PDF, XML, HTML) etc.
  • Receive alarm notifications and follow trends.
  • Save time by generating 21CFR part 11 projects with traceability and e-signature.
  • Improve efficiency with built-in OEE dashboard.
  • Store production data in local databases (SQL).
  • Protect information with database and overall redundancy.
Hardware Design

Details for the design of the hardware:

  • Well configured work station.
  • Laser printer.
  • Field controller such as the DDC (Direct Digital controller).
  • Favorable ambient conditions i.e. temperature anywhere between -20 to 60o C and relative humidity of 5-95%
  • Field devices such as immersion type temperature sensor, ambient Temp + RH sensor, duct mounted Temp + RH sensor, Multipoint velocity sensor with DP transmitter for airflow (CFM), Room LED display (Temp + RH + clock) etc

A cheaper alternative to BMS, HVAX incorporates EMS (Environmental monitoring system) in all of its designs which deals with monitor and control of only the critical parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure, HEPA filter choking etc.

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