Green facilities are high performance constructions that meet definite standards for reducing natural resource consumption. It makes better space for people as well as use less water and energy, offer cleaner air indoors, reduce air pollution and save money for businesses and people. They are also the reason for lesser emissions as compared to old-style buildings not only during the construction phase but also later they are engaged and throughout the life cycle of a building.

Environmental sustainability is a rising alarm in many engineering businesses, and our pharma industry is no exclusion. Facilities and processes that are designed to preserve resources, such as energy and water, can improve businesses’ green image as well as decrease their manufacturing costs. Giant Pharma companies have already made a move toward reducing water, energy, and waste, thus improving carbon footprints.


  1. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  2. Energy star through the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  3. BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).
  4. IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) and many more.

Pfizer has constructed the first LEED-NC Platinum certified pharmaceutical industry in the world at its factory in Dalian, China. Johnson Controls provided lifespan green building accreditation consulting services for the development project, alongside building controls systems and other connected products to help Pfizer positively meet energy efficiency challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Accordingly, a significant improvement in energy efficiency was documented, including savings in water (45 percent), energy (35 percent) and cost (28 percent), according to the standards of ASHRAE90.1-2007.

Pfizer’s first LEED Platinum Pharmaceutical Factory

LEED®-India has granted its prestigious Gold rating to ACG’s new state-of-the-art capsule manufacturing plant in Pithampur, India making it the first factory in Indian pharmaceutical industry to receive this rating. ACG’s Pithampur, India factory combined green features right throughout the design and layout stages. From providing sockets for charging electric vehicles in parking spaces to including energy-efficient lighting fixtures; from automated water efficient fixtures to an onsite ETP plant for 100% water treatment; from BMS(Building Management system) integrated HVAC systems to CFC-free refrigerants and fire suspension systems; from using Forest Stewardship Council certified wood to reusing 95% of construction waste; from improving indoor air quality as per American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards to using low VOC content paints, sealants and adhesives  every bit of care and safety has been carried out while implementing the project.

In HVAX Technology, we too incorporate the green technology starting from designing to commissioning stage. Let us work together to attain sustainable pharmaceutical facilities.

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